adj. snark·i·er, snark·i·est Slang
1. Rudely sarcastic or disrespectful; snide.
2. Irritable or short-tempered; irascible.

[From dialectal snark, to nag, from snark, snork, to snore, snort, from Dutch and Low German snorken, of imitative origin.]

snark′i·ly adv.
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informal in an irritable or snarky manner
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Laura added snarkily: "I think [Love island] is about people falling in love not how much they're having sex."
Or was Mr Corbyn snarkily reminding Conservative MPs that its party conference time in September, which could well herald the start of the Boris Show that some of them are reluctant to tune in to?
It felt natural, even enjoyable, for me to be the one flying around, voting, as a lover once snarkily said about his visits to me, with my feet.
of mutants he calls X-Force -- "Isn't that a little derivative?" someone asks snarkily -- and various superheroes and mutants, all set to a lively soundtrack that includes Air Supply, Peter Gabriel, "Annie" and an original song with filthy lyrics.
The Burger Bachae talked often, in private gatherings, of the middle-class and snarkily remarked on their Urdu accents and lack of branded clothing or - most scandalous of all - rip-off branded clothing.
Nagle introduces the concept of a "scarcity of virtue." Status can be gained by self-righteously or snarkily denouncing others for racism, sexism, homophobia or transphobia.
Even then, the World of Tomorrow - a singular moment in American history - is snarkily dismissed as promising a future "where every citizen had a home in the clouds and a car on the road.
Just hours after the Gamescom trailer debuted, Kojima ( snarkily tweeted Konami to "stop" ruining his work.
They're there to aid local cops both super accommodating (Hilary Swank) and snarkily resentful (Nicky Katt) with an investigation into the murder of a local seventeen-year-old girl.
In a forthcoming essay on southern studies centers, I've shorthanded the latest version of this stance, a bit snarkily, as "loving barbecue and hating racism." The authors of the frequently delightful ESO manifesto are more than hip enough to realize what a cliche barbecue is, and I laughed out loud when they blasted "the specialist, the professional, debonaire, good country southerner," but still: when you bless grits, bourbon, butter beans, day drinking, front porches, and country ham, and blast racism, the Agrarians, Stone Mountain, Paula Deen, and Dylann Roof (and about a dozen other examples), you're basically loving barbecue and hating racism.
Delevingne hit back tweeting to Madden: "I have no idea who you are," before launching into her furious rebuke and snarkily telling him to keep his nose out her business.
"If you value your life, please seek shelter from Michele Bachmann." This roguish environmental campaign snarkily suggested naming extreme storms after climate-change deniers.