snarl up

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Verb1.snarl up - make more complicated or confused through entanglements
complicate, perplex - make more complicated; "There was a new development that complicated the matter"
snafu - cause to be in a state of complete confusion

w>snarl up

vt sep traffic, systemdurcheinanderbringen; plan alsovermasseln (inf); traffic always gets snarled up at the bridgean der Brücke ist der Verkehr immer chaotisch; I got snarled up in a traffic jamich bin im Verkehr stecken geblieben
vi (traffic)chaotische Formen annehmen
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The crashes caused lengthy tailbacks and traffic snarl ups for motorists using the A1 - one of our busiest roads
Snarl ups grew as the treacherous conditions led to a series of accidents as the conditions were described as a "perfect storm" of rain falling on freezing ground.