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The Croxteth Snarler has a history of streakbias - when he's hot, he's hot.
A black pudding supper or a roll and square snarler with asquare snarler with acan o' Bru would have can o' Bru would have gone down a real treat.
Darkmoon Faire - the levels of Darkmoon Rabbit, Moonfang, Moonfang Dreadhowl, Moonfang Packmate and Moonfang Snarler have been reduced back to pre-Warlords expansion levels.
CAMERON'S pet dingo, Aussie snarler Lynton Crosby, comes with more baggage than Victoria Beckham on holiday.
Now living on a travellers' site at Queensferry, Flintshire, he insists this is the real Paddy, rather than the fearsome snarler he was portrayed as on Danny Dyer's show.
Patrick Cregg: The midfielder snarler also showed flashes of skill going forward.
THE happy hooker they call Smiler insists he will turn Snarler next week if it means Wales can wallop the Wallabies.