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snarl 1

v. snarled, snarl·ing, snarls
1. To growl viciously while baring the teeth.
2. To speak angrily or threateningly.
To utter with anger or hostility: snarled a retort.
1. A vicious growl.
2. A vicious, hostile utterance.

[Frequentative of obsolete snar, perhaps from Dutch or Low German snarren, to rattle, probably of imitative origin.]

snarl′er n.
snarl′ing·ly adv.
snarl′y adj.

snarl 2

1. A tangled mass, as of hair or yarn.
2. A confused, complicated, or tangled situation: a traffic snarl.
v. snarled, snarl·ing, snarls
To become tangled or confused.
1. To tangle or knot (hair, for example).
2. To confuse or complicate: Snow snarled the morning commute.

[Middle English snarle, trap, probably diminutive of snare; see snare1.]

snarl′er n.
snarl′y adj.
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References in classic literature ?
His two dogs stayed close by him, one on either side, leaning against him for protection, crying and whimpering, and at times snarling desperately when a wolf approached a little closer than usual.
The two dogs were whimpering and snarling at his feet, but she took no notice of them.
When he dozed despite himself, the whimpering and snarling of the dogs aroused him.
He abandoned his pursuit of the two Folk and sprang up the bluff toward the rest of us, clawing at the crumbling rock and snarling as he clawed his upward way.
He stood on the ground and looked up at us, snarling, lashing his tail, snapping at the stones that fell near to him.
His back was toward me, and at the first feel of my hand he leaped upright in the air and away from me, snarling and turning his head as he leaped.
They had but to appear on deck at the same time, when they would be at it, cursing, snarling, striking; and I have seen Leach fling himself upon Wolf Larsen without warning or provocation.
They closed in upon her, snarling and yelping, and she was buried, screaming with agony, beneath the bristling mass of bodies.
But no matter how Spitz circled, Joe whirled around on his heels to face him, mane bristling, ears laid back, lips writhing and snarling, jaws clipping together as fast as he could snap, and eyes diabolically gleaming--the incarnation of belligerent fear.
He sprang back, bristling and snarling, fearful of the unseen and unknown.
Sheeta was screaming, snarling, and roaring horribly; but the white ape clung tenaciously and in silence to the thrashing body of his quarry.
As Tarzan approached, the beast turned, snarling, toward him, struggling to extricate itself; but one great limb across its back and the smaller entangling branches pinioning its legs prevented it from moving but a few inches in any direction.