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snarl 1

v. snarled, snarl·ing, snarls
1. To growl viciously while baring the teeth.
2. To speak angrily or threateningly.
To utter with anger or hostility: snarled a retort.
1. A vicious growl.
2. A vicious, hostile utterance.

[Frequentative of obsolete snar, perhaps from Dutch or Low German snarren, to rattle, probably of imitative origin.]

snarl′er n.
snarl′ing·ly adv.
snarl′y adj.

snarl 2

1. A tangled mass, as of hair or yarn.
2. A confused, complicated, or tangled situation: a traffic snarl.
v. snarled, snarl·ing, snarls
To become tangled or confused.
1. To tangle or knot (hair, for example).
2. To confuse or complicate: Snow snarled the morning commute.

[Middle English snarle, trap, probably diminutive of snare; see snare1.]

snarl′er n.
snarl′y adj.
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Adj.1.snarly - tangled in knots or snarls; "a mass of knotted string"; "snarled thread"
tangled - in a confused mass; "pushed back her tangled hair"; "the tangled ropes"
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Father Wolf listened, and below in the valley that ran down to a little river he heard the dry, angry, snarly, singsong whine of a tiger who has caught nothing and does not care if all the jungle knows it.
Daniel Swenson is a fantasy writer that enjoys writing about dragons, guns, swords, magic and other evil and snarly mystical creatures.
It's surely the availability of weapons that kill which makes the difference between snarly drunks and killers.
The new villain, meanwhile, is a long-faced, evil trapper named Grimmel the Grisly (a suitably snarly F Murray Abraham), whose ultimate aim with dragons is either extinction or subjugation.
Sometimes if you see him on the pitch you can get the wrong impression, he is snarly and puts himself about.
No tangling, no wrangling--and no gigantic, snarly mess!
SNARLY CHARLIE Saints striker Charlie Austin and his boss Hughes (below) were fuming as this 'goal' was disallowed
Since Trump has spent his presidency trashing Obama, dismantling his legacy piece by piece and making racists feel safe again, the Sleek Dog, whose aloof ways are legendary, has gotten downright snarly. He called Trump shameless.
This revelation, if verified, wouldn't shock anyone who tracked the snarly negotiations in 2015 about what Iran had to reveal to earn an International Atomic Energy Agency sign-off on the deal.
Mickey (Jacobs) meets Gus (Paul Rust), who plays a dorky, smart, nice guy to Jacob's snarly post-punk chain-smoker--a kind of female, post-feminist James Dean with a snarl and cool buckled black boots.
How this snarly nutter can let his libido dictate his military conquests is a question that doesn't escape us either.