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1. Theft or larceny: body snatching; purse snatching.
2. An act of such theft or larceny.
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There are some human owls who reason as they did, and who are, in this respect--as also in respect of snatching smaller birds off their roosts--wonderfully like them.
Alexey Alexandrovitch flew into a rage, and, snatching his hand from her, he went out of the room without a word.
There is no order more noisily given or taken up with lustier shouts on board a homeward-bound merchant ship than the command, "Man the windlass!" The rush of expectant men out of the forecastle, the snatching of hand-spikes, the tramp of feet, the clink of the pawls, make a stirring accompaniment to a plaintive up-anchor song with a roaring chorus; and this burst of noisy activity from a whole ship's crew seems like a voiceful awakening of the ship herself, till then, in the picturesque phrase of Dutch seamen, "lying asleep upon her iron."
One idle evening last winter, confident that he would be found in the snuggest corner of the bar-room, I resolved to pay him another visit, hoping to deserve well of my country by snatching from oblivion some else unheard-of fact of history.
Snatching up his long-sword, I sprang into the arena.
The Anambra state police command, on Thursday, arrested three armed robbery suspects who specialise in car and handsets snatching for stealing over one hundred and fifty handsets from different victims across the state.
Two more snatching incident reports were registered in Taxila police station and Wah police station where robbers stole 215,000 cash and other valuables
KARACHI -- Police on Saturday claimed to have arrested three suspects allegedly involved in snatching 23 luxury vehicles and killing one person over resistance.
According to the police, the motorcyclist Ghulam Ali Hajwani was injured during resistance when the unidentified armed persons were snatching his motorbike.
KARACHI: Robbers gunned down a teenage student of Grade VIII upon resistance during mobile snatching incident here on Tuesday.According to details, armed robbers riding a motorcycle tried to snatch a cell phone from 15-year-old Ahsan while he was playing games on a mobile phone outside his residence located in Korangi area ofKarachi.
KARACHI -- Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sindh Dr Syed Kaleem Imam on Wednesday took a notice of snatching of a government vehicle from Defence Housing Authority.
ISLAMABAD -- A local court has sent television anchor, Dr Shahid Masood, on a 14-day judicial remand in a case pertaining to snatching of journalist's cellphone on Tuesday.