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(snæθ) or


(Tools) the handle of a scythe
[C16: variant of earlier snead, from Old English snǣd, of obscure origin]
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also snathe


the shaft or handle of a scythe.
[1565–75; unexplained variant of snead (Middle English snede, Old English snǣd)]
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It's interchangeably called the Austrian, European, or Continental European scythe, and is essentially a piece of steel that has been drawn out, curved in all planes, sharpened along its length, and attached to a long handle called a "snath." It's light weight, encourages healthy movement of the human body, and can be peened to razor-sharpness with a robustness appropriate to the task at hand.
Steam, release." Maureen Stanton, in a riff on the scythe, the ancestor of her beloved lawnmower, lists its "poetically named parts: snath, toe, tang, ring, beard, heel, grips and chine." The essay's immediate concern is the history of a gas engine, but underneath lies a shadow story of losing a beloved to cancer.
The now-familiar curved handle (or snath) with short, projecting handgrips (or nibs) was developed in about the 12th century.
In both cases, be sure to get a scythe with a snath (handle) that's fit to your build, or one that's fully adjustable.
Bettina Bautista, another bet from QC, scored a 6-1, 3-0 (ret.) win over Ferry to nail the 18-U title, Zoleta trounced Justine So, 6-1, 6-2, to cop the 12-U crown; and Luis Salvacion, also from Lucena, pulled off a thrilling 3-5, 5-3, 4-2 victory over Magnus Gnilo to snath the 10-unisex crown of the event sanctioned by the Philippine Tennis Association.
Cluinnear fuam a chanan agus far a robh gliograich na "mules" bha deaneamh iteachan snath.
If you grow your own grain, you'd better know the difference between a snath and a blade and how to sharpen the latter.
Paul Bowker, brother Andrew, and friend Phil Snath caught 141 fish to 6lb among them from the dam on lures such as Dawson's Olive, Cat's Whisker and Black and Olive Nomads fished on intermediate lines.
was founded as a means to produce Silas Lamson's invention--the curved scythe snath (handle), The early days of the industry were ones of explosive growth as a rapidly expanding industrial America provided a huge, diverse market for cutlery and edged tools.
The cutbacks were imposed at the Snath Comer factory in Gweedore's Derrybeg industrial estate after consultations between the mangement and trade union officials.