sneak away

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Verb1.sneak away - leave furtively and stealthily; "The lecture was boring and many students slipped out when the instructor turned towards the blackboard"
go forth, leave, go away - go away from a place; "At what time does your train leave?"; "She didn't leave until midnight"; "The ship leaves at midnight"
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No, gentlemen; he'll always show 'em a clean pair of heels very early in the scuffle, and sneak away.
Shall I turn coward to Lizzie, and sneak away with her, as if I were ashamed of her
However, a string of fine saves from McHugh, including one from a 41st-minute penalty, saw Spartans sneak away from Causeway Lane with a 0-0 draw.
Khartoum, 28 April (SUNA)- Sudanese Customs authorities on the Red Sea Port have aborted a smuggling operation when a woman attempted to sneak away 906.
And with all the miseries that they are going through, I had hope that they were able to cross the river and sneak away from border police.
However, Nirmala managed to sneak away and opened the door which diverted the attention of all dacoits away from the other girls.
Then, rather than help, she seizes her opportunity to sneak away.
Convincing her to flee their fearful home life, son and mother sneak away in the night to the small town of Rocky Branch, where they find peace with her family.
After seeing the cop, these car lifters tried to sneak away at motorbike and went towards `Project Mor police picket.
There were so many people at one function that is was impossible to sneak away to avoid their unwanted attention.
Khloe finds an interview containing negative comments about her family hurtful; Kris gets Kim's pal Jonathan to sneak away with her to Sonoma; and Scott takes up karate to satisfy his couples therapy homework.
Schneiderman, who is rumoured to run for governor, was even able to sneak away with her earlier this year on a 10-day vacation to Hawaii.