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(ˈsni kərˌnɛt)
Facetious. the transfer of electronic information by carrying the storage medium, esp. a floppy disk, from one computer to another.
[1985–90, Amer.]
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The SneakerNet breaks down as logistical challenges increase.
The exchange between one tool and the next depends on the attention of human beings using paper, sticky notes, emails, spreadsheets, and sneakernet (physically carrying information from one station to another).
In doing so, they're taking part in an increasing trend that may ultimately end in the demise of the SneakerNet.
Faced with cross-campus, sneakernet commutes to the 2,000-square-foot data center that houses 62 mission-critical, 24x7 servers, Edwards knew there was a better way.
To adapt ForComment for a multi-user market, Access built hooks for DECNet, 3Com, Novell, and IBM PC Net (the original ForComment relied primarily on sneakernet for collecting editing suggestions), and added automatic document distribution and revision tracking.