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You would depart, of course, in the same fashion, and your ally would draw up the rope, untie it from the hook, shut the window, snib it on the inside, and get away in the way that he originally came.
Monica closed it gently down, and fastened the snib.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced the establishment of SNIB in September and work to develop the remit is being headed by Tesco Bank chief executive Benny Higgins.
When she realised he had kept a copy of her keys, she changed the locks but he was able to break in without her knowing through a snib on a side door.
Para administrar esa informacion, la CONABIO ha establecido mecanismos de control de calidad de los datos de ejemplares que ingresan al SNIB que permiten integrar la informacion proveniente de diferentes fuentes y hacerla consistente e interoperable con otros sistemas de informacion (Abbott, 2009).
At Appin House, they have a buzzer system to get into the building but the door out is just a snib.
Isobel was given a dingy basement room with only a single Yale lock with a broken snib as security.