sniff out

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sniff out

(tr, adverb) to detect through shrewdness or instinct
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Verb1.sniff out - recognize or detect by or as if by smellingsniff out - recognize or detect by or as if by smelling; "He can smell out trouble"
يَكْتَشِف بالشَّم
òefa uppi
koklayarak bulmak

w>sniff out

vt sep (lit, fig inf)aufspüren; crime, plotaufdecken


(snif) verb
1. to draw in air through the nose with a slight noise.
2. to do this in an attempt to smell something. The dog sniffed me all over; He sniffed suddenly, wondering if he could smell smoke.
an act of sniffing.
sniff out
to discover or detect (by using the sense of smell). The police used dogs to sniff out the explosives.
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Cloning a drug-sniffing dog would produce a dog capable ofbeing trained but not already able to sniff out drugs.
Given Siri's Miss Marple-like tendency to sniff out wrongdoings and murderous misdemeanours, he was never going to be the type to sit quietly.
A Japanese centre which says it has trained a dog to sniff out human cancer cells is cloning the animal in South Korea, according to a Seoul bio-technology company and the dog's owner.
Springer spaniels or Labradors are used to sniff out drugs, cash and guns.
Studies show that many insects and rodents sniff out Mr.
Sprocket is trained to sniff out the scent of gasoline, kerosene or other ``accelerants'' in the charred remains of suspicious fires.