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Baquba / NINA /-Daesh Cells have begun to adopt the method of sniping in targeting security forces in the province of Diyala.
'Even when the dividing line is apparently calm, innocent civilians, unmindful of the cruelty of the Indian army, fall prey to sniping by trigger-happy Indian soldiers,' he added.
4 (Saba) -- The military media of the army and popular committees on Wednesday released photos for a new military batch that specializes in sniping and incursions, under the name of the martyr Abu Jihad Al-Maujani.
"Sniping in the Trenches: World War I and the Birth of Modern Sniping," by Major John L.
Marine Corps, falls into sixth place at a mere 2,286 metres, albeit made with a scope-mounted M2 Browning machine gun--not ordinarily considered to be a sniping weapon, until he made it into one.
There were no hard and fast rules as regards sniping, and although we had one recognised company sniper any man could go sniping if he wished to.
Broadbent and Duncan are a delight as the sniping couple - who also have some playful moments along the way - while Jeff Goldblum adds cool and oddball class to the proceedings as an old friend who they bump into.