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adj. snip·pi·er, snip·pi·est Informal
1. Sharp-tongued; impertinent: a snippy retort.
2. Occurring in pieces; fragmentary.


adj, -pier or -piest
1. scrappy; fragmentary
2. informal fault-finding
3. dialect mean; stingy
ˈsnippily adv
ˈsnippiness n


(ˈsnɪp i)

adj. -pi•er, -pi•est.
1. sharp or curt, esp. in a contemptuous or haughty way.
2. scrappy or fragmentary.
Often, snip′pe•ty (-ɪ ti)
snip′pi•ly, adv.
snip′pi•ness, n.
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adj (US inf) person, toneschnippisch, kurz angebunden; to be in a snippy moodkurz angebunden sein
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The doctors at the Oregon Urology Institute in Springfield are always a tad bit snippier than usual when March Madness rolls around.
Emma'' has a scantier cast of characters than ``Pride and Prejudice,'' and the dialogue is snippier.