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adj. snip·pi·er, snip·pi·est Informal
1. Sharp-tongued; impertinent: a snippy retort.
2. Occurring in pieces; fragmentary.


adj, -pier or -piest
1. scrappy; fragmentary
2. informal fault-finding
3. dialect mean; stingy
ˈsnippily adv
ˈsnippiness n


(ˈsnɪp i)

adj. -pi•er, -pi•est.
1. sharp or curt, esp. in a contemptuous or haughty way.
2. scrappy or fragmentary.
Often, snip′pe•ty (-ɪ ti)
snip′pi•ly, adv.
snip′pi•ness, n.
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adj (US inf) person, toneschnippisch, kurz angebunden; to be in a snippy moodkurz angebunden sein
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She's got the lot," Beth Hardiman's narrative reveals rather snippily, "improved looks, rich lover, good job, nice house, even celebrity of a kind," while images of a happy Tamara crowd around Beth's text along with an "Away From It All" column that triumphantly announces Tamara's engagement "after years of staying resolutely single" (Simmonds 2007, 43).
The London Packet of 7-10 March comments snippily that the proprietors' claim that 'a Curate has only 40 [pounds sterling] a year' is no argument in favour of management.
When Bush was asked whether the mission in Iraq had indeed been accomplished, as the banner proclaimed, at an October 28, 2003, press conference, Bush snippily remarked, "The 'Mission Accomplished' sign, of course, was put up by the members of the USS Abraham Lincoln saying that their mission was accomplished.