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 (snĭch) Slang
v. snitched, snitch·ing, snitch·es
To act as an informer: He snitched on his comrades.
To steal (something, usually something of little value); pilfer: snitched a cookie from the counter.
1. An informer.
2. A thief.

[Origin unknown.]

snitch′er n.
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Noun1.snitcher - a thief who steals without using violencesnitcher - a thief who steals without using violence
stealer, thief - a criminal who takes property belonging to someone else with the intention of keeping it or selling it
wharf rat - someone who lives near wharves and lives by pilfering from ships or warehouses
2.snitcher - someone acting as an informer or decoy for the police
betrayer, blabber, informer, squealer, rat - one who reveals confidential information in return for money


Slang. One who gives incriminating information about others:
Informal: rat, tipster.
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When Bobby accuses her of being "a snitcher," she replies: "I'm not a snitcher, I just tell it like it is
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The Christmas Cookie Sprinkle Snitcher" is a child's picture book about a brave boy named Nat who sleuths to find the thieving Christmas Cookie Sprinkle Snitcher just in time to teach a morality lesson about stealing vs.
20% of the fee received from partner agencies of The Snitcher Desk is retained by the company, with 80% going to the person who originally took the photograph.