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intr.v. sniv·eled, sniv·el·ing, sniv·els or sniv·elled or sniv·el·ling
1. To sniffle.
2. To complain or whine tearfully.
1. The act of sniffling or sniveling.
2. Nasal mucus.

[Middle English snivelen, from Old English *snyflan.]

sniv′el·er n.
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Noun1.sniveling - whining in a tearful mannersniveling - whining in a tearful manner    
crying, tears, weeping - the process of shedding tears (usually accompanied by sobs or other inarticulate sounds); "I hate to hear the crying of a child"; "she was in tears"
References in classic literature ?
Because my innocent pure girl here at my side wouldn't marry that rich, insolent, ignorant coward, Brace Dunlap, who's been sniveling here over a brother he never cared a brass farthing for--"[I see Tom give a jump and look glad THIS time, to a dead certainty]"-- and in that moment I've told you about, I forgot my God and remembered only my heart's bitterness, God forgive me, and I struck to kill.
This man here, Brace Dunlap, that's been sniveling so about his dead brother that YOU know he never cared a straw for, wanted to marry that young girl there, and she wouldn't have him.
I do hate to see a tall, stout fellow so sniveling like a girl of fourteen over a dead tomtit.
Two weeks ago, he called the real estate mogul "a sniveling coward.
One can only conclude that our leaders are craven, sniveling, spineless cowards unable to hold to a policy initiative for more than a couple of days.
New members of the community will find Karp's approach helpful and encouraging, and those who've spent some time on wheels will find him empathetic and completely free of sniveling.
How about printing their letters in red, if you insist on printing them, so we "human carcharodon carcharias" can skip over their sniveling drivel.
Another shrunken home run god reduced to sniveling.
Each night another international manager has cried in his beer as his country goes down to defeat to some sniveling soccer upstart.
If your magazine continues with its sniveling, "blame America" approach in the post-September 11 era, you will turn away many who are committed to progressive issues, but believe that the murder of more than 3,000 civilians warrants some sort of military response.
You could start by citing its all-star cast, headed by Nathan Lane at his zaniest and Matthew Broderick at his sniveling best.
With the cool cat, encounter three nefarious no-gooders, Pug -- the bumbling, burly dog, Louie -- the sniveling sycophant and the Dog Father -- mastermind villain of mayhem, along with 150 wacky and original characters.