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Society is hopelessly snobbish, and this fact of your extraction may make an appreciable difference to its acceptance of you as my wife, after I have made you the well-read woman that I mean to make you.
Serious men thaw and become mildly cheerful, and snobbish young men of the heavy-mustache type forget to make themselves objectionable.
They had even managed to avoid May's English aunt, the banker's wife, who was still in Yorkshire; in fact, they had purposely postponed going to London till the autumn in order that their arrival during the season might not appear pushing and snobbish to these unknown relatives.
He was shy as "a wild mountain colt" and somewhat snobbish, and at first was most unpopular.
To define it was difficult, but Margaret knew what it was not: it was not snobbish. Though its contours were slight, there was a touch of freedom in their sweep to which Surrey will never attain, and the distant brow of the Chilterns towered like a mountain.
Before Mr Swiveller could make any reply, Mr Chuckster took occasion to enter his indignant protest against this form of inquiry; which he held to be of a disrespectful and snobbish tendency, inasmuch as the inquirer, seeing two gentlemen then and there present, should have spoken of the other gentleman; or rather
She wasn't necessarily snobbish, unless it was snobbish to want the best.
He glanced around him; but the girl had already gone over to soothe and comfort her father, for her natural affection for his person was as strong or stronger than her somewhat snobbish pride in his success.
"I am not snobbish," said Gertrude, " although I do not choose to make friends with everyone.
He was shamefully idle, spiritless, sensual, snobbish. He irritated our friend by the tone of his allusions to their native country, and Newman was at a loss to understand why the United States were not good enough for Mr.
Speaking to fellow actor Adam Sandler in an interview with Variety Magazine, the 27-year-old starlet justified her seemingly 'snobbish' attitude toward her admirers in public.
AS a bit of a foodie I have to admit I've been snobbish about Iceland's food - not even setting foot inside any of the chain's stores for at least 10 years.