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Of, befitting, or resembling a snob; pretentious.

snob′bish·ly adv.
snob′bish·ness n.
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Adv.1.snobbishly - in a snobbish mannersnobbishly - in a snobbish manner; "they snobbishly excluded their less wealthy friends from the party"
بِتَكَبُّر وازْدِراء
sznob módon
meî snobbi


advsnobistisch, versnobt (inf)


(snob) noun
a person who admires people of high rank or social class, and despises those in a lower class etc than himself. Being a snob, he was always trying to get to know members of the royal family.
ˈsnobbery noun
behaviour, talk etc that is typical of a snob. She couldn't bear her mother's snobbery.
ˈsnobbish adjective
She always had a snobbish desire to live in an area of expensive housing.
ˈsnobbishly adverb
ˈsnobbishness noun
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You tell me," the temple visitor replies snobbishly.
The deep contempt is informed by a mind-set that snobbishly regards ordinary citizens as gullible dummies with no rational faculties of their own, who should be shielded from being influenced by what the wielders of power don't like.
Kanon's is a finely observed portrait of a bitchy, brittle, incestuous world, a world in which Guy Burgess complains snobbishly about the shortcomings of the comrades and Frank Weeks struggles to give his still-young life some meaning.
So much "decision making in the modern world is about tabulation," laments Lykoudis, while understanding what creates really timeless, beautiful places like the piazzas of Rome requires something more--what he sums up as "becoming cultured" or, less snobbishly, "knowing stuff.
I can't help feeling there is something sinister shuffling underfoot here with the emergence of a zeitgeist in which liberal minded folk are being demonised and condemned as snobbishly out of step.
Snobbishly damning it as 'A Clockwork Orange without the intellect', (6) Stratton immediately drew up the class lines, with Wright responding in kind by labelling the film's critics 'bourgeois'.
He also starred in the Frost Report class sketch with Barker and John Cleese, who snobbishly looked down on his diminutive "lower class" character.
What if we imagine that the different kinds of name present in the poem--"Ployden," "Publius," "Harry Hunks," "hawks"--are not as distinct from each other as the satirical intent of the epigram (to criticize Publius for slumming it with the bears) snobbishly seems to suggest?
Talking of educated left pegs, while whipped-in corners might be snobbishly dismissed as being crude by football's purists - rather naively - nobody could say the same about a well-struck free-kick, and Everton still possess a master in that art on their staff in the shape of Academy coach Kevin Sheedy.
After a choppy first few chapters--which mostly oscillate between describing the wonky details of how whiskey is made, and characterizing assorted presidents' alcohol preferences (Washington preferred brandy, and Jefferson snobbishly eschewed whiskey for the higher-brow wine)--Mitenbuler picks up bourbon's narrative around the Civil War.
The Stock Exchange, the acme and epitome of the soul-destroying "trade" that the landed English upper classes snobbishly looked down on, was peopled by a raffish, heterogeneous mix of speculators, foreigners, and Jews, probably disreputable women and Englishmen of dubious lineage.
For years, I snobbishly only bought hardback first editions, preferably signed by the author.