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adj. snoot·i·er, snoot·i·est Informal
1. Snobbishly aloof; haughty.
2. High-class; exclusive.

snoot′i·ly adv.
snoot′i·ness n.
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Adv.1.snootily - in a snobbish mannersnootily - in a snobbish manner; "they snobbishly excluded their less wealthy friends from the party"


adv (inf)hochnäsig, von oben herab
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One fears that the Israeli paper that snootily referred to a "stopover" at the Palestinian Authority may be right; the Palestinians are entitled to a quick glimpse, for which they should be eternally grateful.
But as those nurses marched on Westminster demanding their pay cap be lifted, Hunt's boss Theresa May dismissed them snootily as "this, that and the other".
We reproduced the poem," The Critic snootily declared, "partly to show that Mr.
Alavi somewhat snootily questioned why hardliners didn't have a problem with Dabakis making a 15-day visit in 2010 during the administration of hardline President Mahmud Ahmadi-nejad, implying that the deputies questioning him were doing so for partisan purposes and trying to embarrass the Rohani Administration.
Many of these were programs I had snootily passed over, and I gave them another look.
I know that some of the newer universities emerging from the old polytechnics are accused rather snootily now and again by the "serious" universities of oering BA degrees in basketweaving or bodysurng management.
e Liverpool Academy of Arts on Seel Street - sounds posh, but isn't - closes at the end of the month, having provided a showcase over 26 years, for many ne local painters often snootily rejected by the Tate and the folks at Dinosaur plc, who run the Walker.
London newspapers snootily referred to her as an ex-barmaid when in fact her husband owned a successful pub in Blantyre.
I questioned this with the waiter who snootily said this was the only menu available.
Pale imitations, one is snootily inclined to assume, which is why perhaps I had not, until last week, taken very seriously the claims of an area just north of Afyon with this title.
Some people snootily dismissed the takeover by India's Tata Motors when Ford, desperate for cash, put JLR on the forecourt.