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also snooze-fest (sno͞oz′fĕst′)
n. pl. snooze·fests also snooze-fests Informal
Something that is boring or tedious: "Done badly, [the chess-playing scenes] could be a complete snoozefest, but Nair films them as if they were football or boxing, with exciting montages, quick edits and interesting close-ups" (Brian Truitt). "Presidential debates can sometimes be a snoozefest, but with [the nominees] already running pretty nasty campaigns against each other, the 2016 debates are bound to be a complete and utter circus" (Karen Fratti).

[snooze + fest.]
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Everton and Wolves had scored only three goals between them in their opening three league games so there was a worry the game would turn out to be a snoozefest.
The Hoops made nine changes from their midweek win in Sarajevo and gave 22 players a run out in a walking-pace snoozefest.
MARK WALKER'S VERDICT Expect Aberdeen and Hearts to cancel each other out in what could be a Friday night snoozefest at Pittodrie.
-- It's no surprise that FCC Chairman Ajit Pai opened his remarks at the National Association of Tower Erectors annual conference at the Gaylord Hotel here in this Dallas-Fort Worth suburb — a facility with a broadcast tower-like structure in its atrium — with chat about his beloved Kansas City Chiefs and their absence from "the Super Bowl LIII snoozefest."
SNOOZEFEST Its tempting to hibernate during long dark days of winter
to reds fire The latest chapter in an increasingly heated rivalry was a snoozefest in comparison.
Thursday's match was a snoozefest. Nothing was happening.
Central Intelligence was a snoozefest. No, literally ndash I fell asleep.
The historic epic, starring Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, opened to media screenings on Tuesday ahead of its global release on January 25, with early reviews dividing another group of people theorising whether the Sanjay Leela Bhansali production is his 'most accomplished movie to date' or an 'overlong snoozefest'.
Dipti Nair Doha After the snoozefest that was Batman vs Superman and the surprisingly good Wonder Woman, my expectations from Justice League were somewhere at the halfway point.
But the defeat against Crystal Palace was a low point, while the goalless draw at West Brom - which actually was a decent point - was more of a snoozefest than a football match.