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a. A rough, noisy sound made by breathing forcefully through the nostrils, as a horse or pig does.
b. A similar sound: the snort of a steam engine.
2. Slang
a. A drink of liquor, especially when swallowed in one gulp.
b. Cocaine or heroin, especially a small amount sniffed at one time.
c. The liquor or drug so taken.
v. snort·ed, snort·ing, snorts
a. To breathe noisily and forcefully through the nostrils.
b. To make a sound resembling noisy exhalation: "The wind snorted across the Kansas plains" (Gail Sheehy).
2. To make an abrupt noise expressive of scorn, ridicule, or contempt.
3. To ingest a drug, such as cocaine or heroin, by sniffing.
1. To express by snorting: He snorted his disapproval.
2. To ingest by sniffing: snorted cocaine.

[From Middle English snorten, to snort, from fnorten, variant of fnoren; see snore.]

snort′er n.
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Noun1.snorting - an act of forcible exhalationsnorting - an act of forcible exhalation  
breathing out, exhalation, expiration - the act of expelling air from the lungs
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"Shockingly, snortingly, scalp-crawlingly bad" - A critic's assessment of fantasy fiction by Newt Gingrich (pictured), a Republican contender for the White House.
The plot zips by in an explosion of witty musical numbers and knicker-flashing dance routines, including the tongue-in-cheek romantic duet, Serious, and the snortingly funny Gilbert and Sullivanesque courtroom piece, There!
COCKS BBC2, 10pm PLANET Jedward takes over the Buzzcocks studio tonight - a surreal experience that's as painful to watch as it is snortingly hilarious.