snow bank

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Noun1.snow bank - a mound or heap of snowsnow bank - a mound or heap of snow    
hill, mound - structure consisting of an artificial heap or bank usually of earth or stones; "they built small mounds to hide behind"
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I made Eustace Bright sit down on a snow bank, which had heaped itself over the mossy seat, and gazing through the arched windows opposite, he acknowledged that the scene at once grew picturesque.
It would hardly be doing yourself justice, were you to bring me acquainted with them, sitting here on this snow bank!"
Brown was just weathering the corner, by Peter Goldthwaite's house, when the hurricane caught him off his feet, tossed him face downward into a snow bank, and proceeded to bury his protuberant part beneath fresh drifts.
We helped the boy we had with us to haul the boat up on the landing-stage before we went up to the riverside inn, where we found our new acquaintance eating his dinner in dignified loneliness at the head of a long table, white and inhospitable like a snow bank.
"You're more likely to land in grass in the good seasons, or a snow bank or a mud puddles in the other six months out of the year," Thompson said.
Winter is coming, and anyone who has been in New Hampshire for any length of time has probably helped someone retrieve their car from a snow bank. When in that predicament, some are expert drivers and accelerate just right to get the car moving; others, however, put their foot on the accelerator, spinning their tires, and actually dig a deeper hole.
The Vale of Glamorgan Council temporarily lost a gritter in one snow bank.
There was a snow bank and we overturned and blocked the road.
They held second position in T2 at the end of the day behind Titov and ahead of Portugal's Bruno Oliveira after slipping off the road and into a snow bank. Running with the support of Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation (QMMF) and the Qatar government, Adel now needs to recover the lost time over the remaining two stages today, and try and amass as many points as possible.
A single crocus can melt a snow bank. On my desk I keep the jawbone of a deer.
A pregnant polar bear found an unusual spot to dig her maternity den, selected a bank of snow bank along a bridge leading to an artificial production island near Prudhoe Bay, AK - and operating company Hilcorp Alaska couldn't be happier.
They had been playing in a snow bank on a dead-end street in Greenwich, New York, which is about a three-hour drive north of New York City.