snow chain

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Noun1.snow chain - chain attached to wheels to increase traction on ice or snow
chain - a series of (usually metal) rings or links fitted into one another to make a flexible ligament
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M2 EQUITYBITES-May 25, 2017-Thule announces possibility of non-payment of earn out in connection with divestment of its Snow Chain division
The company's continuing operations exclude the Snow Chain division, which was divested in September 2015 and the Trailer and Towing divisions, which were discontinued in 2014.
Traffic units did not let drivers to enter higher parts of the city without snow chain.
Acts like a spray-on snow chain, improving traction on ice, snow and wet surfaces.
This short term alternative to the traditional snow chain is made from a special fabric that fits snugly over the driven wheels (Mulsanne rear; Continental front).
Tender notice number : TDR/138 FOR PROCUREMENT OF SNOW CHAIN FOR TYRESID:2017_IAF_275584_1
Now mail order specialist Car Parts Direct has introduced a "three-minute" Snow Chain Kit, which costs pounds 60 for wheel sizes up to 14 inches and pounds 80 for 15 inches or over.
uk supplies the "Three minute snow chain kit", claimed to be easy to fit at pounds 59 including delivery.
4) Familiarize Yourself with Snow Chain Requirements.
Limited tenders are invited for invitation of bids for supply of item snow chain for mt vehicles tyres
The company will refund half the cost of an unused snow chain kit against a replacement set for next year, should the owner decide to change their vehicle.
November 25, transport, councils, and the rest of us can do a bit of snow chain fitting practice.