snow off


w>snow off

vt sep (usu pass) to be snowed offwegen Schnee abgesagt werden or ausfallen
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I am glad to see you!" he said, knocking one foot against the other to shake the snow off. "What a shame of you not to let us know!" he repeated.
Once she said eagerly, 'Is that you, David?' and again she thought she heard her father knocking the snow off his boots.
They also cleared the snow off her, but soon she was covered again, and they saw she was in danger of perishing of cold.
Bumble, who had been stopping outside to rub his shoes clean, and to shake the snow off his coat; and who now made his appearance, bearing the cocked hat in one hand and a bundle in the other.
The boys have swept the snow off the pond and are skating furiously.
There is no saying where this desultory conversation would have led the worthy couple, had not the men, who were stamping the snow off their feet on the little plat form before the door, suddenly ceased their occupation, and entered the bar-room.
Vahna told me that the great winds that usually blew, kept the snow off of it.
But she was not very shy; indeed, she was less shy than I was, and lingered in the hall, giving the servants directions to wipe the snow off the tyres of her machine before she lent an attentive ear to my welcoming remarks.
THE plastic pitch that Penallta use at Ystrad Mynach may have been playable last weekend, but it still took an army of volunteers to move more than a ton of snow off it before they could get their game on against Cwmbran.
Motorists were stranded for a second night as freezing temperatures brought traffic to a standstill in some areas, and one driver resorted to eating snow off the roof of his car.
* Carefully shake snow off plants during heavy, wet storms to minimize damage.