1. A vehicle that has a ski in front and a tread in the rear powered by pedaling.
2. A motorized snow vehicle resembling a motorcycle with a ski in front and a tread in the rear.
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Destacando: el snowbike, para vivir una gran experiencia mezclando el ciclismo y el esqui, o el toboganing, donde al caer la noche podras descender en un trineo clasico por una pista iluminada.
You must have a snowbike license, which you can get by taking a lesson.
Breakfast was a short stroll away from the igloo and, before hitting the slopes once more, I visited the SnowXpark next to Iglu Dorf for a ride on an electric snowbike.
Sadly, the amazing snowbike that I had really struggled in the soft snow - there is a reason why no-one has yet biked to the South Pole and there's a reason why nobody paralysed has travelled across Antarctica to get there!
Many Utah resorts offer snowbike rentals, and it is becoming a popular option alongside traditional skiing or snowboarding.
So, in the line of duty, I scrambled down the east face of Steens Mountain with a bighorn sheep hunter, paddle-rafted the Klamath River, explored Hells Canyon, caught salmon and steelhead in too many rivers to name, played tug-o-war with Columbia River sturgeon twice my size, hiked through the Eagle Cap wilderness area, snowshoed the Cascade Mountains by moonlight, slalomed down ski runs on a snowbike, prospected for sunstones, golfed great courses from Bandon Dunes to Tetherow, and photographed glorious scenery in every corner of the state.
Niklaus 15-21.01.2006: Snowbike World Championship Phone: 027 955 60 60 Info:
The other brand, Snowbike, is "more of an all-terrain ski bike," he said.
29-30.01.2005: Mont-Lachaux Trophy: mass downhill race for ski, snowboard, telemark and snowbike fans
4,6,11,13,18,20,25,27 Feb: Snowbike courses at ABC Schneesportschlule Arosa,
Contract award notice: Supply of 2 used special cars / horns / and 2 used special snowbikes for the needs of OP "Cemetery parks"
If heights aren't your thing, you can always whip up endorphins whizzing down hills on rubber rings, rip up the track on snowbikes or just opt for a gentle snowshoe walk under the stars.