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Snow covering a mountain peak, especially such snow existing year-round.

snow′capped′ adj.


(Physical Geography) a cap of snow, as on the top of a mountain



a layer of snow forming a cap on or covering the top of something, as a mountain peak or ridge.
snow′capped`, adj.
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Noun1.snowcap - a covering of snow (as on a mountain peak)snowcap - a covering of snow (as on a mountain peak)
covering, natural covering, cover - a natural object that covers or envelops; "under a covering of dust"; "the fox was flushed from its cover"
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Its air is much more attenuated than ours, its oceans have shrunk until they cover but a third of its surface, and as its slow seasons change huge snowcaps gather and melt about either pole and periodically inundate its temperate zones.
In the past, geologists have disagreed about what to include in their calculations: Should the summit's snowcap be included?
Just before serving, spoon over a little double cream as a snowcap.
As the double-faced snowcap rotates, it reveals mother-of-pearl on the one side and a satinated gold surface on the other side so that the wearer can effortlessly express her individual style.
Although the amount of snow does vary throughout the year, the mountain completely losing its white snowcap looks unusual.
A traditional off-white snowcap, embedded in coral red precious resin, crowns the writing instrument.
Tenders are invited for Earth work in excavation cement concrete first class brick work cement plastering and snowcap providing and fixing of M S Gate and all other works contingent thereto
from the start at the SnowCap Community Charities, 17805 SE Start St.
Then I stuffed gauze inside my mouth, between teeth and cheek, and put on my full-faced snowcap and wrapped more duct tape tightly around my head.
Along this line, the nine target novel words or nouns selected for this study were hearth, iceberg, lodge, rink, skis, snowcap, snowshoes, toboggan, and winterbourne.
Moderated by Jay Freedman, Account Executive, Oberfeld Snowcap.
Unitus currently partners with several community organizations such as SnowCap Community Charities, Good Neighbor Center and Credit Unions for Kids.