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Snow covering a mountain peak, especially such snow existing year-round.

snow′capped′ adj.


(Physical Geography) (of a mountain, hill, etc) having a cap of snow on the top
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Above the snowcapped heights hung masses of heavy clouds.
They followed the rutted and worn country road that wound across the flat between the great dark-green mango-groves, the line of the snowcapped Himalayas faint to the eastward.
Blessed with a picture-perfect landscape, blissful winds, and towering snowcapped peaks, Hunza Valley is deemed as a heaven on earth.
After an exuberant morning's ski through snowcapped trees and powder pockets, sit back, relax on a rug and tuck into a tailor-made gourmet picnic (all supplied by Bibi).
A DOZY tourist had to be stretchered off a snowcapped mountain - after trying to climb it in FLIP-FLOPS.
A highlight each year is our visit to the lakeside gazebo bar for a cocktail as the sun sets beyond the snowcapped Sierra Buttes.
More than 500 firefighters are trying to quell the fire, which forced officials to evacuate 400 tourists and close the park, famed for its dramatic, snowcapped peaks, through January, damaging the economy of the area.
WHY not think about heading to the snowcapped mountains of Austria to get some much-needed outdoor party action done.
Focusing on the needs of the independent traveler, with advice on catching a train through the highest track in the world, hiking through the snowy yet beautiful world, plodding through the cold freshwater lakes, all leading to one of the prettiest sites of all--the sun setting on the snowcapped mountains.
AUTHORITIES have evacuated hundreds of people in southern Chile after a snowcapped volcano dormant for thousands of years erupted, sending earthquakes rippling through the region.
It will also include the snowcapped village of Hogsmeade where fans can potter through the streets.
The snowcapped mountain and glacier portrayed on the insignia's horizon and the white of the water in its right foreground signify the all-important values of scenery and recreation.