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 (snō′mō-bēl′, -mə-)
A small motorized vehicle with skilike runners in front and tanklike treads, ridden by straddling a seat and used for driving in or traveling on snow. Also called snowmachine.

snow′mo·bile′ v.


(Automotive Engineering)
a. a small open motor vehicle for travelling on snow, steered by two skis at the front and driven by a caterpillar track underneath
b. Also called: bombardier a larger closed motor vehicle with two skis at the front and a track at each side


art at snow
(ˈsnoʊ məˌbil)

n., v. -biled, -bil•ing. n.
1. a motor vehicle with a revolving tread in the rear and steerable skis in the front, for traveling over snow.
2. to operate or ride in a snowmobile.
snow′mo•bil`er, n.
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Noun1.snowmobile - tracked vehicle for travel on snow having skis in frontsnowmobile - tracked vehicle for travel on snow having skis in front
Sno-cat - a kind of snowmobile
tracked vehicle - a self-propelled vehicle that moves on tracks
Verb1.snowmobile - ride a snowmobile
driving - the act of controlling and steering the movement of a vehicle or animal
ride - be carried or travel on or in a vehicle; "I ride to work in a bus"; "He rides the subway downtown every day"


[ˈsnəʊməˌbiːl] Nmotonieve f


[ˈsnəʊməbiːl] nscooter m des neiges
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