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a. A plowlike device used to remove snow, especially from roads and railroad tracks.
b. A vehicle with such a device mounted on its front.
2. A skiing technique in which the tips of the skis are pointed together with the inner edges pressed into the snow to control progress or stop.

snow′plow′ v.



1. an implement or machine for clearing away snow from highways, railroad tracks, etc.
2. a maneuver in which a skier pushes the heels of both skis outward, as for turning, decelerating, or stopping.
3. to clear of snow using a snowplow.
4. to clear away snow with a snowplow.
5. to execute a snowplow.
[1785–95, Amer.]
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Noun1.snowplow - a vehicle used to push snow from roadssnowplow - a vehicle used to push snow from roads
automotive vehicle, motor vehicle - a self-propelled wheeled vehicle that does not run on rails
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I am less affected by their heroism who stood up for half an hour in the front line at Buena Vista, than by the steady and cheerful valor of the men who inhabit the snowplow for their winter quarters; who have not merely the three-o'-clock-in-the-morning courage, which Bonaparte thought was the rarest, but whose courage does not go to rest so early, who go to sleep only when the storm sleeps or the sinews of their iron steed are frozen.
The next morning after the snow finally let up, Kevin Tindall took it upon himself to commandeer a county snowplow and spent the day picking up deputies from wherever they spent the night and got the squad cars back on the street.
Please assist in our operations by being mindful of our snowplow operators and do not pass a snowplow.
ERZyNCAN (CyHAN)- At least 23 people were injured when a passenger bus crashed with snowplow vehicle in eastern Turkish province of Erzurum on Monday.
A California man was injured Wednesday when his pickup collided head-on with an Oregon Department of Transportation snowplow on Highway 20 east of Santiam Pass, state police said.
When I saw my first actual snowplow, my immediate thought was, "Why does that car have its own bulldozer?
Whether you own an ATV, UTV, pickup, tractor or Jeep-like vehicle, there is a snowplow attachment built to fit.
As an additional indication that responsibility for the crash was being widened well beyond the driver of the snowplow that the private jet hit as it was taking off, the airport announced that it had accepted the resignations of its general director and his deputy, reports AP.
Driving a 30-ton, loaded snowplow requires full attention and special driving skills.
1922 Year in which the nation's first practical highway snowplow was built, in Munising
based in Tokyo, said the fluid, used to remove plated membranes, began leaking from a tank at its factory in Hanamaki city after a snowplow bumped into it at around 7 a.
The accident occurred at 05:00 when the 'Titan Chistota Sofia' snowplow hit the train on 'Letostruy' Street in Sofia.