snowshoe hare

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snowshoe hare

A medium-sized hare (Lepus americanus) of northern North America, having large, heavily furred feet and fur that is white in winter and brown in summer. Also called snowshoe rabbit, varying hare.

snowshoe hare


snowshoe rabbit

(Animals) a N North American hare, Lepus americanus, having brown fur in summer, white fur in winter, and heavily furred feet

snow′shoe hare`

a large-footed North American hare, Lepus americanus, that is white in winter and dark brown in summer. Also called snow′shoe rab`bit, varying hare.
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Noun1.snowshoe hare - large large-footed North American haresnowshoe hare - large large-footed North American hare; white in winter
hare - swift timid long-eared mammal larger than a rabbit having a divided upper lip and long hind legs; young born furred and with open eyes
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Serologic survey of snowshoe hares (Lepus americanus) in the Greater Yellowstone Area for brucellosis, tularemia, and snowshoe hare virus.
Snowshoe Hares (Lepus americanas) are a keystone species of the boreal forest that experience population cycles occurring over 10-y periods (Krebs and others 2001).
Snowshoe hares turn white in the winter to blend in with the snow.
Where their ranges overlap, snowshoe hares Lepus americanus are fishers' most common diet item (Powell and Zielinski 1994).
2.--Percent of weekly wolf diet biomass composed of (A) deer fawns, (B) adult deer, (C) berries, (D) snowshoe hares (E) beaver, (F) small mammals, and (G) black bears as well as weekly diet diversity (H) in northeastern Minnesota based on scats collected from June 24 to October 6, 2015.
Snowshoe hares in the Kluane Lake region have been trapped regularly since 1986, providing a long-term dataset to examine whether coat-colour phenology has changed through time and whether these changes match changes observed in climate.
Hunting dogs make excellent companions for taking cottontail rabbits and snowshoe hares as well as birds.
For Wisconsin's snowshoe hares, climate change now ranks as an even bigger menace than the bulldozing, paving and other destructive things that people have done to northern forests.
But with a penchant for snowshoe hares, lynx thrive in the expansive boreal forests of Alaska and central Canada where hares are most abundant.
Massachusetts has a small population of snowshoe hares despite stocking over 150,000 of them largely from New Brunswick between 1919 and 1969.
In my woodlot in the western mountains of Maine, snowshoe hares are a big problem.
"I forgot to tell you that snowshoe hares turn white in the winter," Mama explained.