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An oblong frame, usually strung with interlaced strips or a taut membrane, worn on the foot to enable walking on deep snow.
intr.v. snow·shoed, snow·shoe·ing, snow·shoes
To travel on snowshoes.

snow′sho′er n.


(General Sporting Terms) sport the activity of taking part in cross-country walks over snow
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Once you decide to give snowshoeing a try, get ready for a workout.
The city of Eugene's River House Outdoor Program is leading cross country skiing and snowshoeing excursions this winter.
If you're into snowshoeing for getting around fast and even running, this is your shoe.
The snowshoeing will continue through February, snow permitting, at PS30 per person.
Almost all of the Cross Country Ski Areas Association's cross country ski areas welcome snowshoers to their trails and lodges, but the CCSAA says it's always good to call ahead and check with individual resorts and trails to see if snowshoeing is allowed.
I enjoy snowshoeing because it's easy to feel confident without a lot of practice.
Jake Thamm and Tamara Laug went snowshoeing in 1997 and the experience led the husband-and-wife team to start a snowshoe company.
cross-country skiing, curling, Dene games, dog mushing, figure skating, gymnastics, hockey, indoor soccer, snowboarding, snowshoeing, speed skating, table tennis, volleyball and wrestling.
Khamis Sd Aldoseri clinched first place in his 100 metres snowshoeing final.
But if you enjoy solitude, silence, and a healthy dose of skiing and snowshoeing in a stunning landscape, it's hard to do much better than this part of Wyoming.