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An oblong frame, usually strung with interlaced strips or a taut membrane, worn on the foot to enable walking on deep snow.
intr.v. snow·shoed, snow·shoe·ing, snow·shoes
To travel on snowshoes.

snow′sho′er n.
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Alex Koiter (PG, 9 July, 9674) explicitly linked his intimate knowledge with a claim to speak in defence of the "wilderness": "I am an avid hiker, canoeist, fisher, snowshoer, skier and camper.
An avid snowshoer and cross-country skier, Bernie embraced the snowy weather and spent many winter weekends skiing at the Cataraqui Conservation Area and other local parks.
A snowshoer since the late '50's, he started with a traditional pair of Trooper shoes given to him by his grandfather.
Within a few miles of a roadway, a snowshoer, Albert Dow, came across the men's snow cave and sent a rescue team.
A fur-clad and moustached Peary on snowshoes is accompanied by the following text: "Peary was an expert skier and snowshoer, even after the loss of several toes made it difficult to walk and keep his balance" (20).
Jim Bittner, an avid snowshoer and owner of the Great Outdoors in Mammoth Lakes, says snowshoe sales and rentals accounted for much of his store's first-year success.
A snowshoer must be willing to roll his or her feet slightly as well.
A snowshoer may have fallen more than 1,000 feet over the edge of Crater Lake, National Park officials said Wednesday.
Try it here Crater Lake National Park ( is a snowshoer's paradise.
Among the unusual events: a snow-snake competition that involves hurling a stick down a 35-metre-long snow chute; an inner-tube barrel race with blindfolded guides; a race run on giant, eight-person skis; a four-way tug of war; and a team race with a chair sitter, a skier, a snowshoer, and a no-hands hula-hoop relay.
Searchers in high winds and freezing rain have found a snowshoer who spent an unexpected night near the summit of Broken Top in the Cascade Range west of Bend.