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Hans and Pete moved along the bank, snubbing with a thin Manila rope from tree to tree, while Thornton remained in the boat, helping its descent by means of a pole, and shouting directions to the shore.
They attached the line with which they had been snubbing the boat to Buck's neck and shoulders, being careful that it should neither strangle him nor impede his swimming, and launched him into the stream.
He really did not mind being snubbed since the snubbing meant that the lad was gaining strength and spirit.
It looks like the Emmys are keeping alive their tradition of snubbing The CW.
dk hereby invites potential contractors to pre qualify for a framework agreement on several snubbing operations in up to five salt caverns in Ll.
JAMIE Dornan fans have accused Bafta judges of snubbing The Fall star after he failed to make the shortlist for this year's awards.
NEIL LENNON admits he spoke to Celtic players about snubbing international games.
LUIS SUAREZ was branded "a disgrace" for snubbing Patrice Evra's handshake yesterday.
But about you snubbing the Queen - is that what Plaid is good for, trying to make yourself stand out, as otherwise we would not have heard of you?
The bought company has 13 snubbing units, mainly in the Marcellus shale, and runs operations also in the Ark-La-Tex region and Barnett shale.