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(ˈsnʌb i)

adj. -bi•er, -bi•est.
1. somewhat snub, as the nose.
2. tending to snub people.
snub′bi•ness, n.
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Around the necks of the creatures were fastened black collars, (badges of servitude, no doubt,) such as we keep on our dogs, only much wider and infinitely stiffer, so that it was quite impossible for these poor victims to move their heads in any direction without moving the body at the same time; and thus they were doomed to perpetual contemplation of their noses -- a view puggish and snubby in a wonderful, if not positively in an awful degree.
They are very inquisitive folk, and press quite hard against the glass, and that is why their noses are mostly snubby.
Both, it is true, had more delicate features and smaller bones than commonly fall to the lot of individuals of the rougher sex, and Lawrence's complexion was pale and clear, and Arthur's delicately fair; but Arthur's tiny, somewhat snubby nose could never become so long and straight as Mr.
Small guns are great for carry and concealment, but nobody wants to put 600 rounds through a snubby in two days.
A decade ago, John Strayer beat me on X-count and drove me down into second place at Andy Stanford's famous Snubby Summit event.
It will be of particular interest to those customers who stage their snubby for home-defense in a night table drawer or quick-access safe.
But the bonnet scoop and snubby grille hint at a cleaner Hilux and the wraparound front lights look the business.
Also love from the cats Tuppy, Tuppence and Snubby.
Then one of them, brandishing a snubby knife, said if I did it again, he'd cut my throat.
Philip Larkin was stingy with praise and quick to spot a fraud, but after listening to Thomas do a turn one evening, concluded, "Hell of a fine man: little, snubby, hopelessly pissed bloke who made hundreds of cracks and read parodies of everybody in appropriate voices.
This was something of a mystery since no such instability was enountered with any other load, including the Winchester 200-grain "Super Police," even though the latter bullet is sometimes reputed to be unstable when fired at snubby velocities.