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(ˈsnʌb i)

adj. -bi•er, -bi•est.
1. somewhat snub, as the nose.
2. tending to snub people.
snub′bi•ness, n.
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They are very inquisitive folk, and press quite hard against the glass, and that is why their noses are mostly snubby. The streets are miles long and very twisty, and have paths on each side made of bright worsted.
Around the necks of the creatures were fastened black collars, (badges of servitude, no doubt,) such as we keep on our dogs, only much wider and infinitely stiffer, so that it was quite impossible for these poor victims to move their heads in any direction without moving the body at the same time; and thus they were doomed to perpetual contemplation of their noses -- a view puggish and snubby in a wonderful, if not positively in an awful degree.
Both, it is true, had more delicate features and smaller bones than commonly fall to the lot of individuals of the rougher sex, and Lawrence's complexion was pale and clear, and Arthur's delicately fair; but Arthur's tiny, somewhat snubby nose could never become so long and straight as Mr.
Lucy put up the neatest little rosebud mouth to be kissed; everything about her was neat,--her little round neck, with the row of coral beads; her little straight nose, not at all snubby; her little clear eyebrows, rather darker than her curls, to match hazel eyes, which looked up with shy pleasure at Maggie, taller by the head, though scarcely a year older.
Is it a compact snubby that'll do the job at self-defense distances when you need it?
If you don't have time to aim, shooting a snubby is just like pointing your fist, but you can 'feel' a long barrel out there, like pointing your finger.
OVER THE YEARS, I'VE HANDLED JUST about every type of .38 caliber snubby revolver.
For the snubby (lower-right) I had to aim at the top of the cardboard, as I discovered during my initial couple of test shots.
The only caveats I would offer are: Do not get a snubby version, have the gun checked out by someone in the know for serviceability and try and stay away from used service arms as they very likely have had a number of rounds through them.
Despite its short barrel, it's far from being considered a snubby. I suppose by barrel-length definition it is, but everything else about it defies that description.
I've got a few helpful hints when it comes to wielding your snubby at optimum efficiency, but first let's take a look at why the snubby is still so popular with both novice and experienced shooters.
It will be of particular interest to those customers who stage their snubby for home-defense in a night table drawer or quick-access safe.