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Noun1.snuff user - a person who uses snuff
consumer - a person who uses goods or services
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Tubs are the fastest growing segment in the category," according to Longhorn Associate Brand Manager Tracy Vernon, "and are designed for the moist snuff user who is looking for value.
Many users ignore the materials and components of the snuff, in believing it is less dangerous than cigarettes and the most appropriate alternative for giving up smoking," a snuff user who requested anonymity told "Arab News.
No one has yet measured directly how much nicotine reaches the bloodstream of a snuff user, however, U.
We see this effect with current smokers but don't see it with current snuff users, so we think that maybe the protective effect has something to do with the combustion process or one of the other chemicals in cigarettes that are not in snuff," said Sadie Palmisano, a doctoral student in epidemiology at Ohio State University and lead author of the study.
Surveys reveal that risk of cancers of the cheek and gum may reach nearly 50-fold among long-term snuff users.
People who bought them were genuine snuff users and generally from the older generation," he said.
Similar to the popularity of flavors in the cigar category and many other consumer products, moist snuff flavors are being introduced to appeal to new consumers as well as providing some variety for regular moist snuff users," says Carroll.
And while the past few years have seen record sales for products specifically designed to help smokers end their habit, there have, until now, been no products introduced specifically targeted at moist snuff users.