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v. snuf·fled, snuf·fling, snuf·fles
1. To breathe noisily, as through a blocked nose.
2. To sniff, especially repeatedly, as a dog.
To utter with a sound like that produced by snuffling.
1. The act or sound of snuffling.
2. snuffles The sniffles. Used with the.

[Probably from Dutch snuffelen, to sniff about, probably frequentative of snuffen, to sniff, from Middle Dutch snuiven.]

snuf′fler n.
snuf′fly adj.
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Noun1.snuffler - a person who breathes noisily (as through a nose blocked by mucus)
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
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I take the old snuffler home and put her on the couch as I wait to hear from my two windswept, starving, wet boys.
On this particular trip with Penelope, the company of pub musketeers had been completed by Sheba, a loveable Jumble of a Heinz 57 variety terrier, the incorrigible snuffler mentioned earlier whom the Lady was minding for her niece, Ailsa.
There were several highly valued lots who failed to find a new home, none more so than winning point-to-pointer The Snuffler, who was led out unsold at pounds 40,000.