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adv. far·ther (fär′thər), far·thest (fär′thĭst) or fur·ther (fûr′thər) or fur·thest (fûr′thĭst)
1. To, from, or at a considerable distance: a cat that had strayed far from home.
2. To, from, or at a much earlier or later time: a movie that takes place far in the future.
3. To a considerable degree; much: felt far better yesterday; eyes that seemed far too close together.
4. To an advanced point or stage: a brilliant student who will go far.
adj. farther, farthest or further or furthest
a. Being at considerable distance; remote: a far country.
b. Going back a considerable extent in time: the far past.
2. More distant than another: the far corner.
3. Extensive or lengthy: a far trek.
4. Far-seeing and comprehensive in thought or outlook: a commander of far vision.
5. Marked by political views of the most advanced or extreme nature: the far right; the far left.
a. Being on the right side of an animal or a vehicle.
b. Being the animal or vehicle on the right.
by far
To the most extreme or evident degree: She is by far the best executive in the company.
far and away
By a great margin: is far and away the smartest student in the class.
far and wide
Everywhere: looked far and wide for the lost puppy.
far be it from (someone)
Used to deflect responsibility for making a statement that might not be received well: Far be it from me to criticize, but I find your handwriting to be very sloppy.
far cry
1. A long way: stuck at the airport in Memphis, a far cry from Maine.
2. Something that is very different from something else: This food is a far cry from what we got in the cafeteria.
far from
Not at all; anything but: You are far from a failure.
far gone
In an advanced state of a process, especially an undesirable state that is beyond improvement or reversal: "The fire was issuing from a long straw-stack, which was so far gone as to preclude a possibility of saving it" (Thomas Hardy).
far out
Slang Used to express amazement or approval.
how far
To what degree, distance, or extent: didn't know how far to believe them; tried to decide how far she could ski in such cold.
so far
1. Up to the present moment: So far there's been no word from them.
2. To a limited extent: You can go only so far on five dollars.
thus far
Up to this point; so far: Our success has been limited thus far.

[Middle English, from Old English feor; see per in Indo-European roots.]
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: far - used in negative statement to describe a situation that has existed up to this point or up to the present timeso far - used in negative statement to describe a situation that has existed up to this point or up to the present time; "So far he hasn't called"; "the sun isn't up yet" far - to the degree or extent that; "insofar as it can be ascertained, the horse lung is comparable to that of man"; "so far as it is reasonably practical he should practice restraint" far - used after a superlative; "this is the best so far"; "the largest drug bust yet"
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حَتّى الآنحَتّى نُقْطَه مُعَيَّنَه
až dosuddoposudzatím je vše dobréaž potud
hertilindtil nu
tähän mennessätoistaiseksi
eddig rendben vanmáig: a mai napigmindeddig
aî vissu markiallt í sómanum hingaî tilhingaî til
tot dusvertot zovertotnogtoe
až potiaľzatiaľ je všetko v poriadku
belli bir yere kadarşimdilik her şey iyişu ana kadar


(faː) adverb
1. indicating distance, progress etc. How far is it from here to his house?
2. at or to a long way away. She went far away/off.
3. very much. She was a far better swimmer than her friend (was).
1. distant; a long way away. a far country.
2. more distant (usually of two things). He lives on the far side of the lake.
farther, farthestfurtherˈfaraway adjective
1. distant. faraway places.
2. not paying attention; dreamy. She had a faraway look in her eyes.
ˌfar-ˈfetched adjective
very unlikely. a far-fetched story.
as far as
1. to the place or point mentioned. We walked as far as the lake.
2. (also so far as) as great a distance as. He did not walk as far as his friends.
3. (also so far as) to the extent that. As far as I know she is well.
by far
by a large amount. They have by far the largest family in the village.
far and away
by a very great amount. She is far and away the cleverest girl in the class!
far from
1. not only not, but. Far from liking him, I hate him.
2. not at all. He was far from helpful.
so far
1. until now. So far we have been quite successful.
2. up to a certain point. We can get so far but no further without more help.


(səu) adverb
1. (used in several types of sentence to express degree) to this extent, or to such an extent. `The snake was about so long,' he said, holding his hands about a metre apart; Don't get so worried!; She was so pleased with his progress in school that she bought him a new bicycle; They couldn't all get into the room, there were so many of them; He departed without so much as (= without even) a goodbye; You've been so (= very) kind to me!; Thank you so much!
2. (used to express manner) in this/that way. As you hope to be treated by others, so you must treat them; He likes everything to be (arranged) just so (= in one particular and precise way); It so happens that I have to go to an important meeting tonight.
3. (used in place of a word, phrase etc previously used, or something previously stated) as already indicated. `Are you really leaving your job?' `Yes, I've already told you / said so'; `Is she arriving tomorrow?' `Yes, I hope so'; If you haven't read the notice, please do so now; `Is that so (= true)?' `Yes, it's really so'; `Was your father angry?' `Yes, even more so than I was expecting – in fact, so much so that he refused to speak to me all day!
4. in the same way; also. `I hope we'll meet again.' `So do I.'; She has a lot of money and so has her husband.
5. (used to express agreement or confirmation) indeed. `You said you were going shopping today.' `So I did, but I've changed my mind.'; `You'll need this book tomorrow, won't you?' `So I will.'
(and) therefore. John had a bad cold, so I took him to the doctor; `So you think you'd like this job, then?' `Yes.'; And so they got married and lived happily ever after.
ˌso-ˈcalled adjective
wrongly described or named in such a way. Your so-called friends have gone without you!
ˌso-ˈso adjective
neither very good nor very bad. His health is so-so.
and so on/forth
and more of the same kind of thing. He reminded me of what I owed him and so on.
or soorso as to
in order to. He sat at the front so as to be able to hear.
so far, so good
all is well up to this point. So far, so good – we've checked the equipment, and everything's ready.
so that
1. with the purpose that; in order that. I'll wash this dress so that you can wear it.
2. with the result that. He got up very late, so that he missed the bus and was late for work.
so to say/speak
if one may use such an expression; in a way; it could be said. The dog is, so to speak, a member of this family.
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But Ripple asked no other boon, and, weeping sadly, begged them not to send her back without the gift she had come so far to gain.
So far and wide she searched among the caverns of the sea, and gathered all the brightest jewels shining there; and then upon her faithful Breeze once more went journeying through the sky.
The sole effect of her presence upon the placid valley so far had been to excite the mind of a solitary heron, which, after descending to the ground not far from her path, stood with neck erect, looking at her.
By these means the men had been so far excited as to have assembled, in the manner already related, though it still remained a matter of doubt how far they intended to carry their revenge.
Gently pressing it, I had the satisfaction of feeling the door slowly give before me, and in another instant we were looking into a dimly lighted apartment, which, so far as we could see, was unoccupied.
But so far as I might know it was as good for our purpose as another, and so I returned to the tree for Tars Tarkas.
They had got just so far, and the conversation began to crystallise, as it could but do with the scanty stream which the commonplace world supplied.
We were like mariners wrecked on a desert isle, so far as concerned the likelihood of our getting home again.
A room or two can easily be added; and if my friends find no difficulty in travelling so far to see me, I am sure I will find none in accommodating them."
In a very few weeks from the day which brought Sir John Middleton's first letter to Norland, every thing was so far settled in their future abode as to enable Mrs.
They deal, to be sure, with the office of Criticism and the art of Fiction, and so far their present name is not a misnomer.