soak in

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1. To make thoroughly wet:
2. To saturate (something) with a liquid:
Chemistry: infuse.
3. To take in (moisture or liquid).Also used with up:
4. Informal. To take in and incorporate, especially mentally.Also used with up:
5. Informal. To take alcoholic liquor, especially excessively or habitually:
Informal: nip.
Slang: booze, lush, tank up.
Idioms: bend the elbow, hit the bottle .
6. Slang. To exploit (another) by charging too much for something:
Idioms: make someone pay through the nose, take someone for a ride , take someone to the cleaners .
phrasal verb
soak in
To come as a realization:
dawn on (or upon), register, sink in.
Slang. A person who is habitually drunk:

w>soak in

vi (stain, dye etc) → einziehen; to leave something to soak inetw einziehen lassen