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adj. soap·i·er, soap·i·est
1. Consisting of or containing soap: soapy water.
2. Covered with soap: soapy hands.
3. Resembling soap: a soapy consistency.
4. Slang Unctuous; oily: soapy compliments.

soap′i·ly adv.
soap′i·ness n.
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adj, soapier or soapiest
1. containing or covered with soap: soapy water.
2. resembling or characteristic of soap
3. slang flattering or persuasive
n, pl -pies
Austral a variant of soapie
ˈsoapily adv
ˈsoapiness n
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(ˈsoʊ pi)

adj. soap•i•er, soap•i•est.
1. containing or impregnated with soap: soapy water.
2. covered with soap or lather.
3. of or like soap: a clean, soapy smell.
4. Informal. of or like a soap opera; melodramatic.
soap′i•ly, adv.
soap′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.soapy - resembling or having the qualities of soap; "a soapy consistency"
2.soapy - unpleasantly and excessively suave or ingratiating in manner or speech; "buttery praise"; "gave him a fulsome introduction"; "an oily sycophantic press agent"; "oleaginous hypocrisy"; "smarmy self-importance"; "the unctuous Uriah Heep"; "soapy compliments"
insincere - lacking sincerity; "a charming but thoroughly insincere woman"; "their praise was extravagant and insincere"
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كالصّابونمَليء بالصّابون
sabun gibisabunlu


[ˈsəʊpɪ] ADJ (soapier (compar) (soapiest (superl)))
1. (= covered in soap) → cubierto de jabón; (= like soap) → parecido a jabón, jabonoso
it tastes soapysabe a jabón
2. (= flattering) → zalamero, cobista
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[ˈsəʊpi] adjsavonneux/euse
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adj (+er)
taste, smellseifig; soapy waterSeifenwasser nt
(pej: = sentimental) → rührselig
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[ˈsəʊpɪ] adj (-ier (comp) (-iest (superl))) (covered in soap, person) → insaponato/a; (water) → saponato/a; (like soap) → saponoso/a
to taste soapy → sapere di sapone
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(səup) noun
a mixture containing oils or fats and other substances, especially formed into small regularly-shaped pieces and used in washing. He found a bar of soap and began to wash his hands.
to rub with soap. She soaped the baby all over.
ˈsoapy adjective
1. covered with, or full of, soap. soapy water.
2. like soap. This chocolate has a soapy taste.
ˈsoapiness noun
soap opera
a radio or television serial broadcast weekly, daily etc, especially one that continues from year to year, that concerns the daily life, troubles etc of the characters in it.
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References in classic literature ?
On his bench in Madison Square Soapy moved uneasily.
Soapy's mind became cognisant of the fact that the time had come for him to resolve himself into a singular Committee of Ways and Means to provide against the coming rigour.
The door was opened, but nothing came in except a soapy arm and a strong gush of tobacco.
Rivera, on his knees, scrubbing, looked up, with suspended brush, his bare arms flecked with soapy, dirty water.
Cecily could NOT eat her porridge; she declared she had such a bad cold that she had no appetite; a cold she certainly had; the rest of us choked our messes down and after we had done so Peg asked us if we had noticed a soapy taste.
Disraeli once described the manner of Bishop Wilberforce as "unctuous, oleaginous, saponaceous." And the good prelate was ever afterward known as Soapy Sam.
Their idea of a square meal is a pound and a half of roast beef with five or six good-sized potatoes (soapy ones preferred as being more substantial), plenty of greens, and four thick slices of Yorkshire pudding, followed by a couple of currant dumplings, a few green apples, a pen'orth of nuts, half a dozen jumbles, and a bottle of ginger-beer.
I'll be bound that if we went down there we should find 'pipes' of soapy brecciated rock.
"Drink, damn you, drink--have some more," he would say, as he shoved their heads down and under the dirty, soapy water.
But Helen's laugh rang true, as she raised a soapy hand to heaven and swore that never, nowhere and nohow, would she again fall in love with any of the Wilcox family, down to its remotest collaterals.
His lips were flecked with a soapy froth, and sometimes he choked and gurgled and became inarticulate.
Across the yard they saw Makola come out of his hut, a tin basin of soapy water in his hand.