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rose into the air; rose rapidly; flew a plane that has no engine
Not to be confused with:
sword – a thrusting weapon with a long, sharp-pointed blade: They fought with swords.
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intr.v. soared, soar·ing, soars
a. To rise or fly into the air: The startled hawk soared away.
b. To maintain altitude without moving the wings or using an engine; glide.
2. To increase or improve suddenly above the normal or usual level: Sales soared. Our spirits soared. See Synonyms at rise.
1. The act of soaring.
2. The altitude or scope attained in soaring.

[Middle English soren, from Old French essorer, from Vulgar Latin *exaurāre : Latin ex-, ex- + Latin aura, air (from Greek aurā, breeze; see aura).]

soar′er n.
soar′ing·ly adv.
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As we approached, methought there issued from it a slight humming noise as from one of your Spaceland bluebottles, only less resonant by far, so slight indeed that even in the perfect stillness of the Vacuum through which we soared, the sound reached not our ears till we checked our flight at a distance from it of something under twenty human diagonals.
"Look yonder," said my Guide, "in Flatland thou hast lived; of Lineland thou hast received a vision; thou hast soared with me to the heights of Spaceland; now, in order to complete the range of thy experience, I conduct thee downward to the lowest depth of existence, even to the realm of Pointland, the Abyss of No dimensions.
Her flame quickly burned up that light fuel; and, fed from within, soared after some illimitable satisfaction, some object which would never justify weariness, which would reconcile self-despair with the rapturous consciousness of life beyond self.
High in the air, and straight up, soared the shape of white, now a struggling snowshoe rabbit that leaped and bounded, executing a fantastic dance there above him in the air and never once returning to earth.
She, too, soared high, but not so high as the quarry, and her teeth clipped emptily together with a metallic snap.
And in that moment the sapling reared its slender length upright and the rabbit soared dancing in the air again.
Suddenly she spread her brown wings for flight, and soared into the air.
The league-leading Blue Eagles soared to an 8-0 card while putting a stop to the Soaring Falcons' four-game win streak.
THE number of people who lost their homes soared by more than 50 per cent during 2008 to hit a 12-year high, according to new figures.
And now his stash is worth even more as gold soared nearly pounds 50 an ounce - the biggest one-day rise in history - to more than pounds 480 an ounce yesterday.
The amount people spend on bills and living costs has soared from an average of pounds 945 in 2006 to pounds 1,281 now, according to insurer Combined Insurance.