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A kind of Japanese noodle made with buckwheat flour.

[Japanese, buckwheat, buckwheat noodle, short for earlier sobamugi : soba, edge (in reference to three-cornered shape of the buckwheat seed) + mugi, barley.]
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(Cookery) (in Japanese cookery) noodles made from buckwheat flour
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For even greater variety, diners at Ginza i Chome can experience a celebration of soba noodles throughout the month of May.
It was carried out during the period June to December 2006 at Soba Ardi area, about 10 kilometers on the Southern side of Khartoum city.
Made from buckwheat, soba is one of the health foods in Japan.
Soba owner, Brad Stevens, said: "It's a great system because customers don't need to carry money or credit cards."
SOBA: In Japan, these noodles are generally served hot in soup broth or cold with dipping sauce, but soba also works well in stir-fries and salads.
While it was a neck and neck battle during the first half of the game, Rems Soba managed to pull away from third quarter by five points.
"We bought Sobaya because they make the most delicious soba, udon, and somen noodles from the most nourishing organic stone-ground grain," said Michael Potter, Eden's chairman and president.
Budelli needed all of the stiff five furlongs at Pontefract to get the better of Soba Jones in a 17-runner sprint handicap two weeks ago.
CHOICES: Visit wagamama and you might end up learning chopstick skills as well as a whole new language thanks to terms like yasai, tilapia, katsu, ramen, soba and teriyaki.
A penniless immigrant from Japan, Yagi has in a space of two decades opened 11 Japanese restaurants in Manhattan, challenged the American palate such no-fanfare Japanese fare such as ''tako-yaki,'' or octopus pancakes, ''miso-ramen,'' noodles flavored with soybean paste, and buckwheat noodles known in Japanese as ''soba.''
* Find soba noodles and harissa at well-stocked grocery stores.
The man was later identified by police as Harry Soba, 37, of Shrewsbury.