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Devoid of extreme qualities, such as exaggeration; sober.

so′ber·sid′ed·ness n.
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Adj.1.sobersided - completely lacking in humor or lightness of touch; "choreography that was sobersided and sententious"; "a play with a sobersided social message"
humorless, humourless, unhumorous - lacking humor; "it was a humorless wink; a wink of warning"- Truman Capote


Marked by sober sincerity:
Idiom: in earnest.
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For a while, the contrast between a chaotic France and sobersided Germany is enticing.
In fact, in his eagerness to contradict Leftworld's bummed-out idealists, Chait's own ostensibly sobersided evaluations of Obama's successes can verge on the Panglossian.
The first is actually called "White Ant" and hilariously satirised Marais's sobersided take on that destructive vermin which even has ingested the pages of the handbook describing how to eradicate them.