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A style of music, originating in the West Indies, that is a blend of soul and calypso.


(Jazz) a mixture of soul and calypso music typical of the E Caribbean
[C20: a blend of soul and calypso]


n acronym for
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (formerly in Britain) Serious Organized Crime Agency
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The NCA previously said in a statement: "David Burgess-Joyce was dismissed by SOCA for gross misconduct.
Olatunji's triumphant performance of "Ola," already one of the most popular songs of the 2015 carnival season, earned him the title of Groovy Soca Monarch, one of two prizes awarded at the competition.
Fuentes' SOCA will be streamed online," Arca said, thus, school children, especially those outside of Koronadal City, won t be required to the provincial capitol to witness the SOCA.
By doing this, Parrot is using the end customer android device (smartphone or tablet) as the display & control for the infotainment features of the SOCA Simple Box, running all the Parrot automotive libraries, worldwide radio and TV reception, vehicle information via CAN or Ethernet network, Vehicle Apps and Premium navigation from OEM market.
Soca failed to act on evidence for more than four years, it was claimed.
Following a heated evidence session on Tuesday, Vaz said the committee would publish the list tomorrow if Soca did not do so first.
Following a heated evidence session on Tuesday, Mr Vaz told Mr Pearce and Stephen Rimmer, Soca's interim chairman, the Committee would publish the list on Monday if Soca did not do so first.
More than 20 files of material have been passed from Soca to the ICO, including correspondence between clients and the private investigators and receipts for payments.
But following the resignation of Soca chairman Sir Ian Andrews, Mr Vaz has said he will ask his successor to review the decision.
Mr Vaz said: "Sir Ian was part of the decision making process that required that the Home Affairs Select Committee kept the lists that Soca sent us confidential.
A spokeswoman said afterwards: "The Soca code demands that all directors' interests are declared.