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 (sŏk′ĭj, sō′kĭj)
Feudal tenure of land by a tenant in return for agricultural or other nonmilitary services or for payment of rent in money.

[Middle English sokage, from soke, soke; see soke.]

soc′ag·er n.


1. (Law) English legal history the tenure of land by certain services, esp of an agricultural nature
2. (Law) English law the freehold tenure of land
[C14: from Anglo-French, from soc soke]
ˈsocager n


(ˈsɒk ɪdʒ)

(in medieval England) the system permitting a tenant to hold land in exchange for specified services or the payment of rent, and not requiring military service on behalf of the lord.
[1275–1325; Middle English sokage < Anglo-French socage=soc soke + -age -age]


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Noun1.socage - land tenure by agricultural service or payment of rent; not burdened with military service
service - (law) the acts performed by an English feudal tenant for the benefit of his lord which formed the consideration for the property granted to him
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Above all, the owner of the soil could still hold his head high as the veritable Socman of Minstead--that is, as holding the land in free socage, with no feudal superior, and answerable to no man lower than the king.
The census did not identify population by language and religion, and so the commissioners used the form of land tenure as a proxy, assuming that residents on seigneurial lands were overwhelmingly French, and those on socage lands overwhelmingly English.
23 (3) Il devra posseder, pour son propre usage et benefice, comme proprietaire en droit ou en equite, des terres ou tenements tenus en franc et commun socage,--ou etre en bonne saisine ou possession, pour son propre usage et benefice, de terres ou tenements tenus en franc-alleu ou en roture dans la province pour laquelle il est nomme, de la valeur de quatre mille piastres en sus de toutes rentes, dettes, charges, hypotheques et redevances qui peuvent etre attachees, dues et payables sur ces immeubles ou auxquelles ils peuvent etre affectes.