The inflated, spherical ball used in soccer.
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afraid of dying on wires where "There are cadavers" because we were always more afraid of losing any old lie than one truth, observing from a prudent distance that might allow us to watch the rocking of his ashes scattered at the little beach without getting involved ourselves: that curve closed into itself, defending a conch unfortunately found under a mushroom where "Bolo" the Russian boy grew with his red soccerball face: future?
The greatest living Englander of his day, Steven Gerrard, is off to the states to play soccerball and American space rugby bringing its helmets to our own Wembleydome.
Singer Diana Ross attempted to kick a "soccerball" through a stage-managed open goal and missed, while chat-show queen Oprah Winfrey fell off the podium.
Under the directives of federal government a project of "Sports Industries Development Centre" (SIDC) has been initiated costing more than Rs 435.637 million in Sialkot for modernising soccerball industry.
Everyone knows the King of Pop loved his soccerball, but it's less well publicised that he was an innovative tactical theorist.
Especially once naming rights are sold and the sign above the Liverpool tunnel, designed to strike fear into the hearts of opposition players, reads 'This Is The Kentucky Fried Chicken Soccerball Dome'.
Some movie actors even pretend to enjoy "your wonderful English Soccerball."
I was a little worried that the ESPN coverage might be littered with horrible Americanisms such as "soccerball", "EPL" and "David Beckham is still a really good player".
He's copped sacks of hate mail for classics like "welcome to Europeland for the Soccerball World Series!" and "England has vanquished Paraguay by a single home run from his Royal Highness Daniel Beckingham!"
I think they were all in the pub watching soccerball."
City will take on the Portland Timbers, a team in the second-tier of Stateside Soccerball.
Unlike Ludwig's castles, which rest atop pedestals, pieces like Soccerball dropped from 35,000 feet, 1999, are placed directly on the gallery floor--a cue to anyone familiar with recent art history that (like Minimalist sculpture) they are "real" objects that share the same physical space as the viewer.