social activity

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: activity - activity considered appropriate on social occasions
group action - action taken by a group of people
association - the act of consorting with or joining with others; "you cannot be convicted of criminal guilt by association"
mingling - the action of people mingling and coming into contact; "all the random mingling and idle talk made him hate literary parties"
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Illuminism is not a pure doctrine, just because it is attracted by social activity and puffed up by pride.
It had been built by an earlier settler, and abandoned, because the soil about it was too sterile for cultivation, while its comparative remoteness put it out of the sphere of that social activity which already marked the habits of the emigrants.
Social activity volunteers at Strathallan Court in Bridge of Allan have also been supporting tenants in a variety of activities including carpet bowls, tea and toast gatherings and seasonal events, such as Hallowe'en bingo and Christmas parties.
If you're someone who's wellorganised and enjoys a bit of a challenge, why not turn your interest - be it literature, food, arts, trampolining, walking, adventure sports, dance or gardening - into a great social activity for older people by becoming a volunteer coordinator.
The findings are exciting because social activity is potentially a risk factor that can be modified to help older adults avoid the burdens of disability.
In the social activity analysis stage, to estimate users' implicit ratings, the consumption activities that occur when users consume the content generated by information provider are classified into positive and negative actions, each of which is further classified into varying levels and scored accordingly.
UK College of English have been nominated for the "Best use of Social Media for Business" where they have seen their social activity quadruple thus making it a strong conversion factor for the college.
The study focused on nearly 3,000 people who answered a range of questions (for example, how satisfied they were with their lives overall, how much they participated in social activity, how important social activity was to them, and how much they valued their marriage or their relationships with their children).
Alongside this is a desire for more opportunities to meet new people, make and sustain friendships and enjoy more social activity.
The first executive committee meeting of Karachi Tax Bar Association was also held today in which the sub-committees were formed namely Advisory, E-News & Views, Membership, Library & Website, Members' Social Activity, Public Relations & Press & Media, Administration, Continuous Professional Education (CPE), Finance Bill, Diary, Benevolent Fund, Finance & Related Matters, Members Facilitation, Indirect Taxes and KTBA Professional Development Program which are headed by their respective conveners.
I would like to thank the social activity co-ordinators and Margaret Starkey, from the Friends of Briardene, for their extra work in making this happen.
Washington, Feb 18 (ANI): Higher levels of social activity decrease the risk of developing disability in old age, according to a new study at Rush University Medical Center.

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