social affair

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: affair - a gathering for the purpose of promoting fellowshipsocial affair - a gathering for the purpose of promoting fellowship
assemblage, gathering - a group of persons together in one place
bee - a social gathering to carry out some communal task or to hold competitions
love feast - a social gathering intended to create goodwill among the participants
company - a social gathering of guests or companions; "the house was filled with company when I arrived"
function - a formal or official social gathering or ceremony; "it was a black-tie function"
party - a group of people gathered together for pleasure; "she joined the party after dinner"
supper - a social gathering where a light evening meal is served; "her suppers often included celebrities"
get together, meeting - a small informal social gathering; "there was an informal meeting in my living room"
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The meeting also discussed topics relating to GCC social affair and challenges faced by social and development action in the Gulf region.
KUWAIT, May 15 (KUNA) -- Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Sabeeh said on Monday that the second forum on voluntary work in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) aims to align efforts in that field.
TAP) - The 5+5 Social Affairs Committee met Tuesday at the headquarters of the Ministry of Social Affairs to discuss a number of issues related mainly to the public service and implementing agreements or decrees not yet concretized.
Download Social Affairs Ministry's contract workers close entrance, insist on meeting Bou Assi NNA - A number of contract workers for the Ministry of Social Affairs, working within the "National Project for Monitoring Urgent Population Movements", closed the ministry's entrance demanding to meet with Minister of Social Affairs, Pierre Bou Assi, who refused to renew their contracts, which ended at the end of 2016, after having renewed them for four months.
The Minister for Social Affairs and Gender Equality, Consuelo Ondo Nzang, has met with the heads of the singing groups and folk-dance groups, to deliver the new clothing prepared for the African Union- Arab World Summit, which is to take place next week in Malabo.
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) organized its annual back-to-school program for the academic year 2015-2016, coinciding with the new school year, in association with the Ministry of Social Affairs and in cooperation with the SABIC Employees Charity Fund (BERR).
Riyadh, Rabi'II 01, 1436, January 21, 2015, SPA -- The Minister of Social Affairs Suleiman bin Saad Al-Humayid received here today the Executive Director General of the Office of Ministers of Labor and Social Affairs of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Arab States Aqeel Ahmed Al-Jassem.
Summary: The caretaker social affairs minister warned Sunday about the dangers of the war in Syria spilling over into Lebanon.
Muscat, Mar 11(ONA) The 3-day Training Symposium for the rehabilitation of family counseling workers in GCC countries, organized by the Ministry of Social Development in cooperation with the Executive Office of the Council of Ministers of Labour and Social Affairs Ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council started at City Seasons Hotel today under the auspices of Abdulmalik bin Abdullah al-Khalili, Minister of Justice in the presence of Mohammed bin Suaied al-Kalbani, Minister of Social Development.
Summary: ABU DHABI - Mariam Mohammed Khalfan Al Roumi, Minister of Social Affairs and Sultan Saeed Al Badi, the Undersecretary of Abu Dhabi Judicial Department discussed today ways to increase coordination in terms of "documents and identifications" required by Courts for 38949 Social security beneficiaries in Abu Dhabi.
The festival is being organised by the Social Affairs Ministry in the UAE in collaboration with the executive office for the Council of the AGCC ministers of labour and the Council of the AGCC social affairs ministers and the Emirati Theatre Society.

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