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n. pl. folk·son·o·mies
A collection of metatags generated by users of a particular website that together create a taxonomy that categorizes the content of that website.

[Coined in 2004 by Thomas Vander Wal, American information architect, as a blend of folk and taxonomy.]


a system of classification that makes use of terms that occur naturally in the language of users of the system
[C21: from folk + taxonomy]
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For my research team, I used the social bookmarking site, Connotea, until the service was discontinued.
The system uses the descriptive keywords (which were originally introduced to categorize the activities) to query each considered social bookmarking site, and retrieves the resources as suggested by the site's users; the collected resources are then sorted and returned to the platform users.
social networks like MySpace and Friendster, as well as Delicious, a social bookmarking site.
India, July 13 -- Digg, a once popular social bookmarking site, has been acquired by BetaWorks, for a paltry sum of $500,000.
Each described as hybrid wiki, blog, forum and social bookmarking site.
Provider of technology and services to brokerages VHT Inc announced on Thursday that it has acquired social bookmarking site for real estate buyers Dwellicious from web software company W&R Studios.
I don't read as closely the items with future value, but I add them to a social bookmarking site, like Delicious.
would be shutting down Delicious, the popular social bookmarking site.
How you can use it: Delicious has gained the most favor of any social bookmarking site among marketers, who use it for research, data mining, and driving web site traffic through articles that make it to the Delicious hotlist.
Set up a social bookmarking site to guide people on their quest for knowledge.
net, the social bookmarking site recently absorbed, Borg-like, by Diigo.