social scientist

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social science

1. The study of human society and of individual relationships in and to society.
2. A scholarly or scientific discipline that deals with such study, generally regarded as including sociology, psychology, anthropology, economics, political science, and history.

social scientist n.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: scientist - someone expert in the study of human society and its personal relationships
anthropologist - a social scientist who specializes in anthropology
economic expert, economist - an expert in the science of economics
penologist - a person who studies the theory and practice of prison management
political scientist - a social scientist specializing in the study of government
scientist - a person with advanced knowledge of one or more sciences
sociologist - a social scientist who studies the institutions and development of human society

social scientist

nspecialista m/f in scienze sociali, sociologo/a
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Former bureaucrat, social scientist, academic and writer Dr Mizanur Rahman Shelley passed away Monday while undergoing treatment at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) hospital, reports BSS.
A famous Turkish social Scientist and professor of sociology Dr.
In a called on meeting held here with famous Turkish Social Scientist and Professor of sociology Dr Saami Shinner, he said there is an acute deficit of social scientists which must be addressed on urgent basis.
ISLAMABAD -- A famous Turkish social Scientist and professor of sociology Dr.
Didier Fassin, a social scientist, edits this collection of works examining various authors' experiences with fieldwork and participant observation in a global context.
The first one was an interview with a renowned Pakistani social scientist and educator, Professor Anees Akhtar, who is a former rector of the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) and he is currently heading an institution at Lahore.
"It is evident that the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government led by BJP wants to create and teach distorted theories related to Aryans and Dravidians which were debunked worldwide many years ago;" says social scientist Nupur Raheja from Mumbai.
[emailprotected]Dr Kariuki is a social scientist, management consultant and a lecturer at Karatina University.
To this should be added that these values also allow the social scientist to deepen the analysis and to theorize better.
SAGE Campus grew out of Methodspace (, the publishing company's community for social scientist researchers.
The social scientist seeks to understand each individual's cultural perspective and relationships among people living in the environment.
This book offers both interviews with and commentary on the work and thinking of noted sociologist, social scientist, world-systems analyst and research scholar Immanuel Wallerstein (sociology, Yale U.)--and also includes a contribution from Wallerstein.

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