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season - a period of the year marked by special events or activities in some field; "he celebrated his 10th season with the ballet company"; "she always looked forward to the avocado season"
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It was a lively scene, for soon the spirit of the social season took possession of everyone, and Christmas merriment made all faces shine, hearts happy, and heels light.
From Paris we went to London, and reached there early in July, just about the height of the London social season.
A detox can be a brilliant idea following the crazy social season throughout December.
Highlights from this season's London Fashion Week included, the British fashion house DAKS Spring Summer 2018 womenswear collection inspired by the British Social Season and the regatta as the main focal point.
Around 21 charities held events at the mansion between November and April during the active social season, (http://abcnews.
The holidays are a social season and an opportunity to meet new customers, both in-person and online.
Annabella enjoyed a brilliant social season in London in 1812, when she was sought after by three well-born suitors.
Saks Fifth Avenue's signature event, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, always kicks off Sarasota's social season in style--and with lots of pink.
thirsty work Sam Wylie-Harris celebrates the summer social season with a sparkle to suit every occasion With the summer social season in full swing and our lawns and parks looking greener than a vineyard, there couldn't be a better time to embrace the garden party atmosphere and break open a bottle of bubbly.
Royal Ascot, one of the highlights of the racing and social season, starts on Tuesday.
Synopsis: History is brought to life in many historic houses, especially at Christmas time, when special decorations help to welcome the social season and visiting guests.
And, for the first time in its history, a crew from the club has taken part in the Henley Royal Regatta, said to be the best-known event of its kind in the world and one of the highlights of both the summer sporting calendar and the social season.

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